8 easy ways to save some cash


You know you need to start saving. … Here are a few tips to help you make it through the month.

1. Check your bank account often.


Don’t lose track of how much you’ve been spending. Programs like Mint.com or mvelopes help you make a budget and tell you when you’re going over.

2.  Get a friend to cut your hair instead of going to the barber.


You did it on your mission, and it looked great!

3. Skip Sodalicious.



It might be tasty, but little things like buying soda add up. Plus, you might be addicted.

4. Share a Netflix account with a friend! Or with your parents.


5. Brush up on your DIY skills, and make presents for your family and friends.


They’ll appreciate a gift you made just for them.

6. Get some friends together, and have a clothing swap instead of going shopping.


7. Start couponing.

Coupons and savings galore can be made known through Flyerbug, a new app designed to help students save money. (Photo by Kurt Hanson)

8. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry.


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