World’s largest living nativity scene


The world record for largest living nativity scene now belongs to Provo. Hundreds showed up dressed for their parts at Rock Canyon Park. Producers pitched the idea a few weeks ago to break the world record set in Great Britain last year. They put together what they called a dream team of Youtubers and started to recruit volunteers. The volunteers gathered dressed all in white to be a part of the event.

It was up to Guinness World Record adjudicator Michael Empric to make sure it could qualify for the record books.

“For it to count as a living nativity they need to have Mary, Joseph and Jesus and a manager, some kind of set piece that designates it,” Empric said.

Every person got a bracelet to help Empric keep an official tally and he even counted the animals as part of the attempt. Much to the delight of the crowd of people Empric announced the record had been broken with 1,039 participants in total.

But even after the announcement there was still plenty to do for everyone there. Organizers are making a video highlighting the event which will feature Youtubers such as Peter Hollens, the Shaytards, Alex Boye, The Piano Guys, Stuart Edge and others. Also included were several members of Studio C as well as part of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Later that day all of these stars and volunteers would be recorded on a track for the video.

Another big part of the movie was that the organizers took a sky photo of all the angel volunteers in the shape of artist Valerie Atkisson’s nativity ornament. To see the design check out her website here.

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