Finals frenzy


The library’s extended hours can mean only one thing: finals are just around the corner. Some students say they are overwhelmed with all their upcoming tests, but now is the perfect time to start studying.

“A better idea for example for students, particularly if they’re looking for preparing for their finals now, is to start setting a study plan about two to three weeks before their finals are,” Learning Specialist, Julie Preece, said.

The University Advisement Center says other study tips include meeting with your professors to go over information you don’t understand and working in study groups. BYU offers several courses in study skills, but some students say they have techniques of their own.


“I make a to-do list of what I want to accomplish for the next day and I kind of divide that by class and I put an inspirational quote for when it gets a little tough, a little late in the library,” BYU student, Landon Eyre, said.

Other students say they like to listen to music or eat a snack to get them in the zone. Whatever your preferred study habits may be, Preece says to remember knowledge builds on knowledge, so be cautious of cramming. It may help you make the grade on that one test, but you’ll forget everything you learned by the time your next classes start in January.

The Advisement Center says studying for finals ideally begins the first day of class, but it’s never too late to start. Finals will run from December 15 – 19.

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