Testing Center equality


Isn’t it the job of the Testing Center to make sure that all students are complying with the unanimously signed Honor Code? Why, then, does the Testing Center feel like they should exempt certain groups of students? If a girl can take a test while wearing leggings, then I should be able to take a test with facial hair. I recently went to take a quiz that would take no longer than 10 minutes and was turned away for a little facial hair. I understood that I was turned away for being in violation of the Honor Code, but when I asked the female employee why I got turned away but girls with leggings were not, she couldn’t effectively answer that question. I shaved, and then the next week I had another quiz and decided to do a little experiment. I waited until a girl with leggings went into the Testing Center and then got in line behind her. She was admitted, and again I was turned away. I asked, “Why am I being turned away when the girl in front of me was violating the Honor Code as well?” The response of, “I did not notice” is not good enough. I am not against the Honor Code rules; I signed it in order to attend this prestigious university or, as Austin Collie put it, “The Lord’s university.” However, if the Testing Center is going to police the Honor Code there needs to be equality. No exceptions. It is not the Testing Center’s job to make a statement and say that leggings are okay but facial hair is not. That is left up to the Honor Code office and board of directors, not a bunch of college students.

John Smith
Los Angeles, California

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