Selfie problems


Narcissus, a mythical Greek character, is known for self-obsession. His fixation became so consuming that his desire to see his own reflection led to his tragic drowning. Are selfies leading us to our own narcissistic death?

According to Time Magazine, the word “selfie” was one of the top 10 buzzwords of 2012. Urban Dictionary defines a selfie as a picture taken of oneself that is planned to be uploaded to any social media. The rise in social media apps has triggered a narcissistic pandemic. The underlying issue with selfies stems from the desire to filter others’ perceptions of our lives. We strive for likes and comments while neglecting our true self worth. In addition, mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression have been linked to excessive selfies resulting in an even more fragile state of mind. What started out as a fun pastime has grown into a gross indulgence.

We can avoid drowning in our own reflection by ceasing to compare our weaknesses to others’ momentary perfections. Rather than editing the 2×3 version of ourselves on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we can reach out and edit the world around us through acts of kindness and charity.

These face-to-face interactions will improve our self-perception. Put down the phone, and soak up what’s around; the world has perfection in its imperfections.

Benjamin Bitner
Deweyville, Utah

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