BYU Theatre Department presents ‘Our Town’


Brigham Young University’s Department of Theatre and Media Arts will perform “Our Town” on Nov. 21–22 and Dec. 2–11 in the Pardoe Theatre. The play will begin at 7:30 p.m., with an additional Saturday matinee performances at 2:00 p.m.

Morgan Gunter and Brittany Stahly star in the play Our Town, which premiers on
Morgan Gunter and Brittany Stahly star in the play “Our Town,” which premieres on Nov. 21. (David Jon Banks)

“Our Town” is about the citizens of a New Hampshire town featuring a large cast and small set. Thornton Wilder’s play is one of most-performed plays in the country since its Pulitzer Prize-winning premiere. When the Harris Fine Arts Center opened its doors 50 years ago, “Our Town” was one of the first plays ever performed in the new building. The performance of “Our Town” will be different this year. There is the exception of a large projection screen in the back of the stage; both live theatre and film will occur simultaneously.

“The show is about growing up and realizing what is really important in our lives,” said actor in the production Gabriella Rodriguez. “The play is about how we don’t pay attention to the world around us. Everything is so beautiful, and we are lucky to live in such this world and be in meaningful relationships.”

The play will include many film projections on the screen behind the stage. Acting and film will place at the same time. This sets this production apart from other productions of “Our Town.”

“The students are incorporating a lot of multimedia,” said actor in the production Jacob Swain. “There are scenes on the screen and the stage and is very innovative. It tells the story in a really unique and cool way.”

Director of “Our Town,” Stephanie Brienholt, has found the play teaches deeply joyful moments that can be found during difficult experiences. “My hope is that for one minute you will really look at people, at things, at life, as though you really see it,” Breinholt said. “Because I believe that even in the midst of routine, hardship or even darkness, life through love can bring a little spark of hope.”

General public tickets are $15.00, BYU alumni and senior tickets are $13.00, and student and BYU employee tickets are $11.00. All matinee tickets are $8.00. For tickets or more information, visit the BYU Ticket Office in the Harris Fine Arts Center or the Marriott Center, call (801) 422-4322, or visit

“The play is about love, but it is a very real love story,” said stage manager Hannah Richardson. “It is a simple love story and is kind of what our lives as students look like every day. It portrays the message of living every moment the best you can without regretting anything.”

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