Hidden recording device discovered on BYU campus


BYU Police is investigating a hidden recording device discovered in a JSB classroom by two BYU professors last month.

Two BYU professors find hidden recording device under stool in JSB.
Two BYU professors found a hidden recording device under a stool in the JSB. BYU Police is investigating.

The professors found the device attached to the bottom of a stool with fabric fastener on Oct. 23 and reported it to BYU Police on Nov. 7. While trying to play back the recording, the BYU professors unintentionally erased whatever had been recorded.

Lt. Arnold Lemmon of BYU Police explained that he did not know why the recorder might have been placed in the classroom. Detectives are investigating who might have hidden the recorder there and why.

Lemmon said he currently does not know if any legal charges will be brought against the person who hid the recording device.

“It depends on the circumstances,” Lemmon said. “When and if they learn (why the recorders were hidden), then that will be the time to determine has there been a law violated, but until then it is all speculation.”

According to Lemmon, only one recorder was discovered, but fabric fastener was found under several other seats in classrooms in the JSB.

KSL reports that detectives hope to discover what was recorded on the device today or tomorrow.

As for the professors’ delay in reporting the recorder and their inadvertent erasing of the content, Lt. Lemmon does not feel there was any ill intent.

“There is no evidence indicating that they made an overt act to destroy or conceal the evidence,” he said.

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