BYU Global Dance Fusion event to benefit international nonprofit

Learn new dance moves in the Wilkinson Student  Center ballroom Friday, Nov. 21, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. (Screenshot)

The dance clubs of BYU are raising money for a nonprofit organization called Promethean Spark International during their Global Dance Fusion event on Friday, Nov. 21, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The dance party will take place in the Wilkinson Student Center ballroom. The event coincides with Care Week, an event allowing clubs to campaign campus-wide to benefit the charity of their choice.

Clubs don’t often join their efforts, but according to Capoeira Club President Nery Ralon, Promethean Spark is a worthy cause.

“The really cool thing about the dance is that it is unusual for this many dance clubs to come together to work on an event,” Ralon said. “It’s a big deal that over eight clubs are coming together, and it’s going to a good cause.”

Promethean Spark International is a nonprofit organization that teaches life skills through dance and performing arts to impoverished youth in India, Kenya and Costa Rica.

BYU student Kyla Threlfall went to India with the organization to help teach youth Winter semester 2014 .

“I went there to help the students, but the students also helped me,” Threlfall said. “They are beautiful children who just need those life skills to help them realize their potential to become productive citizens of society.”

Promethean Spark is a volunteer organization based in New York. They are looking to build a foundation in Utah and expand their available services in foreign countries. Shaun Parry, founder and president of Promethean Spark, hopes the Global Dance Fusion event will be an effective kickoff to the campaign in Utah Valley to raise necessary funds.

“We are poised to expand and offer our services of life skills coaching through the arts to new areas of extreme poverty like leprosy colonies in Agra, slums near Elephant Village in Jaipur and sex (trafficking) shelters in Cambodia,” Parry said. “We cannot expand to these areas without staffing and a budget to run the business infrastructure behind the operations.”

The first half hour of the event will consist of dance instruction from the clubs. Participants may choose between hip-hop, swing, Latin, folk, capoeria and social dance styles. Cost of admission will be a minimum donation of $5.

According to the Global Dance Fusion Facebook page, “Club styles range from Brazilian Capoeria to Country Dance to Hip Hop. You do not have to be a BYU student to attend this event, so bring anyone who loves to dance!”

Those who wish to attend can buy tickets in advance from the Information Desk in the Wilkinson Student Center for $4. All proceeds will go to Promethean Spark International.

“Right now there are so many nonprofits out there trying to alleviate pain but not resolve it in a sustainable way,” Ralon said. “Promethean Spark International focuses not only on all the physical aspects but on the mind and heart by teaching leadership. … With leadership you can learn to do anything for yourself.”

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