Gym odyssey: the quest for more space


I have been at BYU for the past few years, and regularly attend the student gym. Like many here, I like to exercise, but it is hard for me to enjoy a workout in a cramped area. It seems as though whatever hour of the day, the gym is always full. Many times there is not enough equipment and not enough space for the amount of students that want to take advantage of the membership that BYU offers. The student gym is not big enough for the number of students that exercise there.
The other day, I was trying to exercise in the dumbbell section and couldn’t lift effectively because I had to move out of the way of others and wait for them to move so I could do my work out. If I had stayed where I was, I would have gotten hit by the weights of the gym-goers or accidentally hit them with my weights. It was a very frustrating experience and not a singular event, but something I have witnessed /experienced numerous times. If the gym was reorganized, there would be more space for students to have efficient workouts.
While BYU is an academic college and creating a top-of-the-line gym is probably not at the top of its priority list, spending some time to improve the gym would help improve the overall environment of the university.

Lain Geest
Grand Junction, Colorado

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