BYU Divine Comedy’s ‘Mittules’ prepares for Romney’s arrival

14 23:04:37
Brad Witbeck plays Ronald Reagan at Divine Comedy’s “Mittules” show last Friday. (Bryan Pearson)

A packed Varsity Theater played host to treasonous elves trying to overthrow Santa, marriage proposals and Dementor’s kisses on the evenings of Nov. 14 and 15 as BYU’s comedy sketch troupe, Divine Comedy, took to the stage for its second show of the semester, “Mittules.”

The comedy crew couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn Mitt Romney into a mythical Greek god the weekend before the former governor of Massachusetts and former candidate for U.S. president speaks at the University Forum on Tuesday, Nov. 18.

The club’s motto, “glow sticks, candy and love,” lived up to its name as cast members hurled centurion-helmet-shaped glow sticks and tons of candy into the crowd between skits.

Although each performance was met with warm cheers and laughter, the audience erupted into rapturous applause as the comedy team stepped onto stage for the last performance — the Mittules sketch. The Divine Comedy cast dressed in togas for their own satirical version of Disney’s “The Gospel Truth,” called “The Romney Truth.”

14 23:04:34
BYU’s Divine Comedy cast members Bryson Frehner and Emily Hein in a Chirstmas sketch at last Friday’s “Mittules” show. (Bryan Pearson)

Romney, played by Divine Comedy’s Kenny Baldwin, was portrayed as the concealed son of Ronald Reagan, sent to live with a kindhearted Mormon family to protect him from Reagan’s political foes. As he grew up, he discovered his mission was to make the world financially stable and save it from the clutches of Vladimir Putin.

With one-liners like, “You know I’m only feeling 47 percent right now,” and nonstop allusions to Romney running for president in 2016, the sketch was a landslide success with the audience.

As Divine Comedy starts to prepare its “best of” shows for Dec. 5 and 6, the troupe encourages students to vote on its website for skits they want to see again.

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