Female pilot honored at Presidential Review of AFROTC



President Kevin Worthen became emotional as he addressed the Army and Air Force ROTC last Thursday. All the cadets from each branch stood in formation facing President Worthen.

President Worthen said that although he did not serve in the military, his father did. He found medals his father had earned but never mentioned. Worthen advised the cadets to be good for their families.

Worthen then inspected the soldiers as they stood still in their uniforms.

The AFROTC Presidential Review is held annually, with this year’s review held during Veterans Week. The president of Brigham Young University inspects the ROTC cadets.

Andy Nelson, a sophomore from Springfield, Nebraska, studying information technology, said that events like these promote patriotism. The Air Force ROTC cadet remembers when President Worthen inspected him.

“I just remembered trying to look as dignified as possible. I felt honored that I was able to be there in uniform. It makes you feel special,” Nelson said.

Nell Bright, one of the first females to serve as a pilot during World War II, was the guest of honor. After addressing the cadets, she was awarded the Leadership Excellence Award.

Bright spoke about when she first wanted to become a pilot. She talked about how she and her fellow female pilots proved that women are qualified to make an essential contribution to the armed forces



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