Freshman welcomes winter by building 35 snowmen

photo 1
Freshman Greg Sorenson admires his 35-snowman project on Thursday evening. (Evan Johnson)

BYU freshman Greg Sorenson, of Hemet, California, took advantage of Provo’s first real snowfall of the season Thursday evening by building 35 miniature snowmen on the walkway from Helaman Halls to the Tanner Building.

Sorenson started the project with three friends but was the only one remaining to put the finishing touches on his frozen spectacle.

“We spent about an hour, but then most of my friends had to leave,” Sorenson said. “The past 45 minutes I’ve been doing it by myself.”

photo 2
One of freshman Greg Sorenson’s 35 snowmen. It is not clear whether this snowman is angry or happy. (Evan Johnson)

Sorenson claims to have also built a Cosmo snowman at another location on campus earlier during the day. He enjoyed his time in the snow but wasn’t the only one who appreciated his project.

“You totally made my day. That’s awesome,” said one passerby.

Several other onlookers complimented his work of art, which included snowmen that looked like Mickey Mouse, reindeer and little monsters. As Sorenson headed back to Helaman Halls he had a smile on his own face after seeing the little bit of joy he brought to his fellow students.


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