BYU student with bedroom meth lab faces felony charge, calls in attorney

A legal notice on the door of Apt. 107 at the Riviera. (Jacob Molnar)
An eviction notice posted on the door of apartment 107 of the Riviera Apartments. The notice posted on Nov. 7 gives Bryce Cazier three days to vacate. (Jacob Molnar)

Provo Police detective Chris Chambers said Tuesday the department is working to close the distance between it and Bryce Cazier, the BYU student who has been unaccounted for since a meth lab was found in his apartment on Friday, Nov. 7.

Fourth District Judge Lynn W. Davis signed an arrest warrant Monday that includes an extradition authorization. Cazier is from Kennewick, Washington, according to his Facebook profile.

Cazier has also been charged with first-degree felony for possessing clandestine laboratory precursors and/or equipment.

Cazier told The Universe in a text on Tuesday that he is working with an attorney.

The Riviera Apartments, where Cazier has a private bedroom in apartment 107, which he shares with four roommates, posted an eviction notice on the door on Nov. 7, giving Cazier three days to vacate the premises. Riviera Apartments leasing agent Cristian Larrocha issued a statement Monday evening, calling the “first-responder situation” resolved and saying the materials found “suggest an amateur and short-lived experiment, causing no long-term damage.”

The probable cause statement in the court charging documents suggest otherwise, describing the materials found in Cazier’s bedroom as “a lab capable of producing methamphetamine.”

Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon warned that contact with methamphetamine production materials are still a concern. “The process of making meth does create off-gassing, or gasses that come off as a byproduct of the meth process,” Cannon said. “It is extremely dangerous. It can be deadly in concentrated amounts.”

It’s still unclear who allowed Cazier’s roommates to return to their apartment to retrieve their belongings on Saturday, Nov. 8, after the DEA had quarantined it.

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