BYUSA’s empty promises?


According to my understanding, the Student Advisory Council is intended to represent the voice of the student body in university discussions concerning students and policies. At least, that’s what it says on the BYUSA homepage: “Our voice is your voice.”

Frankly, I feel that more often than not, BYUSA/SAC fails to fulfill this purpose. I see how hard it must be for said students to change policies and traditions at a private university when their hands are so often tied by administrative red tape. Unfortunately, BYU is a school where students have little say regarding policy and procedure. However, I feel that BYUSA/SAC does not do its part in taking students’ ideas, questions and concerns to the administration. This is my perception.

According to an article in The Universe, a student movement called “Biking for Beards” recently took action to show the university that students desire a change in the university beard policy. However, university spokesperson Carrie Jenkins stated the SAC has not yet brought up the issue with administration.

This statement from a university official only created more doubt in my mind as to the effectiveness of BYUSA as an organization. Something as loud as a student movement (accompanied by a signed petition) should surely obligate the advisory council to discuss this matter with university leaders, should it not?

Please take the opportunity to prove me wrong. If I’m at all misguided, please fix my perception of BYUSA by showing me action. Please show me that the administration is aware of my needs, questions, and concerns.
Please make our voices heard.

Kamrin Nielsen
Salt Lake City

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