What in the WWW? BYU students ‘Shake it Off’ on Halloween


BYU senior Melissa Tingey compiled a music video on Halloween to showcase students’ creativity and dance skills.

The video features students across campus dancing to the new Taylor Swift song “Shake it Off,” and it’s clear that students at BYU love pop culture — especially Disney.

“I wanted to make a video because it was my senior year and I love Halloween on campus,” said Tingey, a psychology and international development major from Florence, Colorado. “There are so many creative and fun costumes! Last year I took pictures but decided a video was the best way to capture all the fun. I was so nervous asking people to dance at first, but everyone was really into it! It was so much fun! Dancing is equivalent to pure joy.”

She and her brother worked together to edit the video and are pleased with the way it turned out.

“We both really enjoy making videos and get a kick out of beautiful cinematography,” Tingey said. “One of the students in the video posted the link on her Facebook page and was really excited about being in a music video — it’s neat knowing you made someone’s day or made someone smile. That’s the goal of the video, essentially.”

If you were in the video, be sure to share it with your friends so they can stand in awe of your sweet Swift-ing skills.

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