50 first dates: Where to go and what to do

Dating is a big part of college life. Let's all admit it and move on. At BYU, dating might as well be a four-credit class.
With so many weekends to fill and so few dollars to spend, ideas tend to run dry fast. Below are some of our favorite websites and blogs to keep you up to date and in the know on the coolest dating scenes in Utah Valley. The Universe has the "where," "when" and "what." You just have to supply the "who"!

1. Provo Buzz

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You might know Provo Buzz as the “Silicon Slopes”people. You might not know that what started as a platform for startup technology companies in Utah Valley is now one of the best websites for Provo activities. Check out its list of fun things to do in Provo.


2. The Date Bank

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One feature of this website is the ability to filter your searches. You can narrow your search by single or group dates and by price range. You can also upload your own date ideas for others to steal. After all, all is fair in love and war. Search the  bank before you plan your next big night.


3. Utah Valley Fun

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The folks at Utah Valley Fun promise they will help you to “never be bored again.” They keep that promise by providing an up-to-date database of current events in Utah Valley. The site has an entire section devoted to dating ideas. You can browse by the type of date you would like to have — romantic, adventurous, emotional, cultural, service, educational, seasonal — or you can spend time exclusively in the site’s collection of free and inexpensive dates. It doesn’t matter what type of outing you are looking for. Just take a look.


4. Utah Valley events and information

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When you need reliable information, go straight to the source. The Utah Valley Visitors Bureau compiles all events in the area on its website. Even though you live here, you can still take advantage of all the things that bring people from far and wide to the happy valley. The list of free things to do promises to keep you coming back for more.


 5. Blogs

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As blogging takes the world by storm, plenty of Provo-ites join the scene. AJ Oneal created dateprovo.com, a blog specifically aimed toward enhancing the dating experience in Provo. Others have moved away from P-town but continue to share their dating experiences. BYU alumna Camille Whiting documents her weekly dates with her husband in the dating blog “Friday We’re In Love.” Two years ago, we featured Whiting in the Universe. Young lovers have flocked to the Whitings for dating advice ever since.


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