What in the WWW? Rejected ‘Star Wars 7’ Titles


The Internet, and Twitter in particular, exploded this morning with the news that the title of the newest Star Wars film has been officially announced.

Star Wars Episode VII, the first film in the series to be produced by Disney, will be called “The Force Awakens” and will take place several decades after the conclusion of the original trilogy.

The revelation of the film’s name has generated more questions than answers, since it doesn’t reveal any information about the film’s plot. “It does raise one question,” wrote Entertainment Weekly in an article. “Has the Force been … slumbering?”

We won’t find out until next year, but Star Wars fans are keeping themselves entertained today by imagining up what the creators of the film might have called it. Fans have taken to Twitter, using the hashtag “#rejected star wars titles” to poke fun at the earlier movies, the amount of revenue Disney will earn from the new movies and current popular culture in general.

The hashtag is trending right now, and some of my favorites are:



And my personal favorite: 

We want to see what you come up with. Use the hashtag #byu, and we’ll retweet your #rejectedstarwarstitles. Bonus points to anyone who comes up with BYU-themed titles! 

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