VanLadyLove performs at Velour and looks beyond


VanLadyLove will reveal new music this Friday at the Velour that it specially recorded in New York City. The chance to work in a studio that was previously used by artists like Justin Timberlake, Aerosmith and Paul McCartney came from VanLadyLove’s award for “Top Artist on the Verge 2014.”

VanLadyLove reveals new music for local fans at the Velour this Friday. (John Giolas)
VanLadyLove reveals new music for local fans at the Velour this Friday. (John Giolas)

“We had to compete against 100 of the nation’s top bands,” said bass player Steele Saldutti.

The New York conference where the band competed not only gave it unique recording opportunities but also influenced the sound for the members’ future music. Although no new album has been released, VanLadyLove is going to focus on videos and releasing three new EP’s.

“I’m excited to be sharing new material with our fans,” said frontman Travis Van Hoff. “I think that it is a step above and something that will take us to the next level.”

But just like any other up-and-coming Provo band, VanLadyLove gained its status over time. It started with Van Hoff and fellow band member Caleb Loveless simply playing covers of songs for fun. Soon they realized they had something original to offer and decided to add two other band members.

“We were pieced together slowly,” Van Hoff said.

VanLadyLove recently won the Utah Music Awards “Best Pop Album of the Year” award, and local radio station X96 chose the band as one of the top seven bands recommended to go see live. Now the members are finding ways to not only enrapture the Provo audience but also fans far beyond the state of Utah.

“The Internet has brought us so many possibilities,” Van Hoff said. “We get Spotify and YouTube streams from all over the world.”

The band has even had some recent opportunities to play nationally on bigger stages. Throughout their climb on the ladder of success they continue to develop new material.

“We have a lot of exciting things in the works with new songs, videos, management that we’re getting ready to announce in coming weeks,” Saldutti said. “We aren’t ready yet but are bursting with excitement to spill the beans when the time is right.”

While still playing on the Provo scene, VanLadyLove plans to greet local fans with incredible shows. They are bringing in an additional lighting and production crew to the Velour this Friday, hoping to shake things up for Velour regulars. Other local artists RKDN and Strange Family will open the show.

The show will start at 8:00 p.m., and tickets can be purchased here.

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