BYU theatre department opens ‘See How They Run’


The Department of Theatre and Media Arts will open the production of the comedy “See How They Run” by Philip King this weekend. The students will perform in the Margett Theatre on Nov. 7–8, 12-15 and 18–22 at 7:30 p.m., with matinee performances on Nov. 8 and 17 at 2:00 p.m.

BYU's production of "See How They Run" takes place in front of an English Vicar's home.  The production will open the 7th of November.  It is a comedy that will be sure to make you laugh.  (Chelsea Bauer)
BYU’s production of “See How They Run” takes place in front of an English vicar’s home. The production will open Nov. 7.. It is a comedy that will be sure to make you laugh. (Chelsea Bauer)

“See How They Run,” directed by Barta Lee Heiner, is a two-act play set entirely within the living room of a vicar (an English priest). Mr. Toop (the vicar) and his wife, Mrs. Toop, confront many individuls with distinct personalities who arrive at their home; the vicarage slowly becomes a madhouse. The play is known to be a  popular comical relief for all who see it. The cast is full of contrasting personalities and hysterical circumstances.

“I love that for the past eight weeks I have been able to spend three hours of my time each day with a cast of hilarious people with a ton of energy,” said Ann Lopez, an actress in the production. “Every night we laugh, have a good time and naturally come up with outrageously funny things to put into the show that will be appealing to the audience.”

Philip King wrote the play in 1943. It was so popular with audiences that it ran for 18 months, with more 600 performances. It has been a treasured classic in many theaters since that time.

“The show is simply hilarious. If you like to laugh you will want to come,” Lopez said. “There’s nothing funnier than watching a bunch of crazy American college students working their British accents while running around slamming doors, getting dragged around on the floor and singing very badly.”

Sarah Barrus, who is the stage manager of the production, explained that there are some hidden Waster eggs in the set and in other parts of the show.

“I have loved watching the cast bring their characters to life,” Barrus said. “I have loved witnessing the progress that has been made over the last eight weeks; it has been so magical. We have a fantastic group of talented actors and designers.”

The BYU cast includes Noelle Houston as Ida, Ann Lopez as Miss Skillon, Alex Diaz as Corporal Clive Winton, Soren Barker as The Reverend Lionel Toop, Ali Kinkade as Penelope Toop, Canute Peterson as The Intruder, Jordan Nicholes as The Reverend Arthur Humphrey, Rodger Sorensen as The Bishop of Lax and Michael Abbott as Sergeant Towers.

Tickets for the Saturday matinee performances are $8.00. For evening performances, student and BYU employee tickets will be $9.00, senior citizen and alumni tickets will be $12.00, and general public tickets will be $14.00. For tickets, visit the BYU Ticket Office in the Harris Fine Arts Center or Marriott Center.  You also can call (801) 422-4322 or visit







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