Police Beat: Nov. 4



Photo by Provo City.
Photo by Provo City


Oct. 27 — An officer responded to an area reportedly vandalized. The officer verified with the director of the property and found that the property was scheduled for demolition and had not been vandalized.


Oct. 29 — A bicycle taken some weeks ago was located by the owner and recovered upon an officer’s arrival.

Oct. 29 — An individual reported a skateboard taken from the Cannon Center. The skateboard was located and an individual cited.

Oct. 30 — An individual reported a secured bicycle taken from the bike racks near the LSB. The bicycle was entered into the national database.

Disorderly conduct

Oct. 28 — A group of individuals was reported as being loud and disruptive in the library. An officer contacted the group and escorted them from the area.

Oct. 28 — A group was disruptive in the library and contacted by an officer. The group left the area and disbanded.


Oct. 30 — An individual reported an attempted Internet fraud, in which an individual sends a check in excess of the amount asked for an item and instructions to send the difference to the original buyer.

Oct. 31 — An individual reported that an individual had used e-checks without enough funds in the account.


Disorderly conduct

Nov. 3 — An officer arrested a man on a warrant. When searched, he was found in possession of a bag of suspected cocaine.

Nov. 3 — Officers responded to an alcohol party near 1500 S. 450 West. Tickets were handed out to under-age drinkers.


Oct. 28 — A business near 500 N. 1200 West. was burglarized. The suspect forced his/her way in and attempted to break into a safe.

Oct. 28 — Some copper wire was stolen from a construction site in the middle of town.

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