Lone Peak triplets share soccer season to remember


HIGHLAND, Utah (AP) — It’s senior night at Lone Peak High School as the girls soccer team takes on Herriman in its final home regular season game. Seniors and their parents are announced and given flowers as the crowd cheers. The announcer pauses and announces three names in a row, and a trio of fiery red-haired girls walk to the center of the field and hug their parents.

Meet the Smiths: Cassidy, Jessica and McCall, the senior triplets who started for the Lone Peak Knights. It’s easy to confuse the Smiths when you first watch them play.

The girls understand how special this season is. Not only did the team finish second in the state with a 19-1 record, but this is also the last season the triplets will play soccer together.

Cassidy is off to her dream school, BYU, as a walk-on goalie, while Jessica and McCall will be playing soccer for BYU—Hawaii. The feelings are mixed about going their own paths.

Jessica said she is excited about the chance to get away and go someplace new and meet new people. McCall is more unsure.

“I went to Bolivia for a month … Jessica and Cassidy had to stay for a camp, and that was hard,” said McCall about being apart from her sisters.

People have been confusing the Smiths most of their lives, and even classmates still get the trio mixed up. Students will constantly think Jessica is Cassidy or check with a friend to make sure McCall is Jessica.

When Cassidy was on the student council, the president accidentally called her McCall while announcing she was going to play soccer at BYU.

It’s easy to confuse them at first glance, but each girl has her own unique quirks and traits. Jessica is the most outgoing and carefree of the three. She is a fury of energy who can be seen dancing in pregame warm ups or celebrating after winning a game of thumper with her family.

Cassidy is the team’s vocal leader, yelling encouragement and adjustments to her teammates. She is quieter at home but brings the same sense of focus she brings to the field while working on AP calculus with her sisters.

McCall keeps to herself before games and is the least vocal of the three. At home, she opens up to show a goofy and carefree side while filming a music video with her younger siblings. The triplets are the oldest of eight, all girls.

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