Running of the BYU Bulls


Michael Bentz, a student from Tempe, Arizona, organized a “Running of the Bulls” chase this morning near the JFSB. Bentz and three other friends acted as runners, while someone in a bull costume chased them past the library and to the Wilkinson Student Center.

“The idea was proposed by my hilarious, genius friend, Ryan Mayberry. We started planning it during summer while we were all in separate parts of the country,” Bentz said.

Running of the Bulls on the BYU campus takes over on Halloween. (BYU instagram)

The group planned to run through certain parts of campus between classes to maximize exposure time. This morning’s success inspired another afternoon bull run from the Wilk to the library.

“The next run will have more runners, and hopefully the bull won’t pass out this time,” Bentz said. “It’s super hard to breathe in that thing. You’re probably asking yourself, ‘Is it really worth it?’ Well let me answer your question with another question: What’s the price of immortality? Sacrifice? Hard work? Asphyxiation inside a bull costume? Answer: all of the above.”

Ben Pearson, from Loveland, Ohio, said every great idea starts as a thought. “I remember the day Ryan came to me with this idea. There was a sense of wonder and amazement surrounding what he said. I doubted, though, that it would ever come to fruition.”

Pearson said the thought “struck like lightning.” He searched for a bull costume, proposed the idea and received unanimous support. “I couldn’t be more pleased with how this has worked out and am grateful for all the people who have made this possible,” Pearson said.

Runners involved include Benjamin Pearson, Ryan Mayberry, Justin Talbot, Michael Miles, Warren Merrit, Micah Russel, Sam Peterson and Barry West. Michael Bentz wore the bull costume and chased the runners, who were wearing traditional white with a red necktie and sash.

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