Brumby climbs music ladder to open for Imagine Dragons


Brumby band members will take a momentous leap in their music careers by opening for Imagine Dragons and Young the Giant this December at the Holiday Havoc concert in Las Vegas.

Oliver Tingey and his band Brumby will be the opening act for Imagine Dragons. (David Tingey)
Oliver Tingey and his band, Brumby, will be the opening act for Imagine Dragons in Las Vegas on Dec. 11. (David Tingey)

Similar to Imagine Dragons, Brumby originally formed in Las Vegas. Three of the band members are cousins, and the others are childhood friends.

“We have all been incredibly opinionated and passionate about music since before kindergarten,” said guitarist Tyler Tingey.

The band officially formed in high school, and by the time the members got to Provo to attend college, they had stars in their eyes with the thought of making it big.

“It’s kind of a great case study for making it in the music industry these days,” said lead vocalist Oliver Tingey. “They (Imagine Dragons) started out here in Provo and Las Vegas, just like us.”

However, Brumby didn’t see success right away. The members regrouped after a three-year hiatus, but couldn’t get a gig anywhere. Muse Music Cafe finally gave them an opportunity, and Brumby sold out the venue.

“If you work harder than anybody else, it pays off,” Tingey said.

That first gig with Muse was only a year ago. Since then, Brumby’s musical success has escalated quickly. More and more opportunities arose, and the band began traveling outside of Provo for shows. The members spent this past summer touring around the western states.

“We made a list of goals in the summer of 2013, and it wasn’t too long before we realized that all of them had been checked off,” said drummer Dylan Self. “We see Provo as the first level of a very big game.”

Brumby climbs to the second level at Holiday Havoc. It will not only play for more people than ever before, but will need to take this opportunity to impress the right people.

“I think that this concert is a big audition for the music industry,” Tingey said. “There’s a lot of people who will be out there watching and waiting to see if we live up to the hype or if we are just something to be ignored.”

Brumby hopes to leave a lasting impression at this concert and push forward toward the dreams of making it big in the music business. The members have always admired well-known bands like Coldplay and The Beatles and hold themselves to that standard for the future.

“We’re comparing ourselves to the greatest, and we have quite the standard to live up to,” Tingey said.

Holiday Havoc will be held in Las Vegas on Dec. 11 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here.

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