Video desensitization


Countless hours of time are spent in front of television sets or computer screens playing game after game. Aggression caused because of gaming worries parents. Granted this doesn’t effect every little boy/girl or teenager, but it is a good indicator that these video games are problematic in society.

I understand not every kid is like this, but most kids who play lots of violent video games have violent behavior. This violent behavior is not only in kids today but in criminal behavior. In 1999 two senior boys went a on a shooting rampage at their school. When the police released their background checks it revealed that they had spent most of their time playing violent video games.

Video games desensitize our feelings toward causing harm to others. As games are becoming more advanced and realistic with three-dimensional effects, who is to say that the violence will not continue to expand even worse? There isn’t a manual on how to live your life or to control your kids’ lives. My point is to show that video games don’t make people violent, antisocial or angry for no apparent reason; but they do factor in the cause of such behavior. It is becoming a reason for the violence we are seeing in real life today because of those few who cannot see what’s real and what is just a mix of pixels on a screen.

Aryn Espiritu

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