Police Beat: Oct. 28




Oct. 24 — An individual reported the unauthorized use of an identification card.

Oct. 25 — An individual reported that a bicycle was taken from the bike racks.

Disorderly conduct

Oct. 22 — An officer responded to a report that an individual was receiving annoying phone calls.



Oct. 20 — Shoplifters were caught and cited at Kohl’s and Thai Pan Trading.

Oct. 20 — An officer was in the area of the University Mall when he received a report of two shoplifters fleeing the area. The two suspects split up, and the officer chased and caught one of the men.

Oct. 22 — An employee from a local business is being investigated for adding $20 cash advances on customers’ cards and then pocketing the money.

Disorderly conduct

Oct. 20 — Officers broke up a fight among drunk family members arguing over how to discipline kids.


Oct. 20 — Officers arrested an Orem man for DUI after he was caught driving while huffing.

Oct. 20 — An officer stopped a car for an equipment violation. The driver was arrested for DUI.

Oct. 24 — An officer stopped a car and found some meth on the driver. One passenger in the car was arrested on a warrant.

Drug abuse

Oct. 22 — A 17-year-old woman was charged with intoxication after she was found passed out in a car.

Oct. 24 — An officer found a quarter of a pound of weed in an apartment in the southwest part of town. The man was arrested.


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