Google Fiber face slap


When’s the last time you’ve been slapped in the face? I’m talking about a serious slap to the face, not a gentle reprimand. Probably not recently, right? Wrong. If you are a student here at BYU, a company named Google has slapped you in the face. How have they done this? It’s simple. Many of you know that Google Fiber, the world’s fastest Internet connection service, was recently installed in Provo. However, in making this installation, Google decided to exclude the campus of BYU. Ridiculous. BYU students deserve Google Fiber, because it could be cheaply installed and because BYU is the one place in Provo that could constructively benefit from Fiber to further the education available to the students of BYU.

Because Provo already supports Fiber, instillation costs would be largely reduced. Much of the framework needed to run Fiber currently surrounds the campus. And who could use Fiber more than BYU? Seriously, though, think about Provo. Surely if anywhere in the city could benefit from a world-class Internet connection it would be a place producing world-class scholars. Fiber would aid in the education BYU is able to provide. Learning Suite would stop crashing, in-class videos would actually load, and the technological programs would explode. BYU students deserve the best because they are the best. Google Fiber would be the mechanism that allows students to truly achieve their potential.

Peter Call
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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