Weekly how-to: Stay awake in class

Students attend a Book of Mormon in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building. (Chris Bunker)
Students attend a Book of Mormon in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building. (Chris Bunker)

Had a late night cramming for an exam? Stayed up way past bedtime comforting a roommate after yet another dramatic breakup? Spent the night binge-watching an entire season of “Scandal”?

Many college students learn to run on little sleep, but surviving an 8 a.m. class after an all-nighter can be a daunting task; especially at BYU, where the traditional cup of coffee is not an option.

Here are a few tips to stay awake during even the most yawn-inducing classes.

1. Hydrate

Bring a cold bottle of water to campus each day. Taking a few sips during class can help wake up the brain. Students with water even tend to score higher on exams, according to a study conducted by the University of East London.

2. Bring a snack

If the professor allows it, bring some healthy food to munch on during class. Eating can take the mind off its exhaustion and provide a quick boost of energy.

3. Sit in the front row

No matter how those eyelids may be, it’s hard to fall asleep when sitting directly in front of the professor.

4. Take notes

Listen to the professor and take good notes. This might be difficult when running on no sleep, but it will keep the eyes open and prevent daydreaming. At the very least, make sure to keep the hands busy by doodling.

5. Ask questions

Be actively involved in the lecture. Ask questions and make comments. Not only will this help with staying awake, but it enables actual learning and productivity in class.

6. Use the buddy system 

Sit by friends in class. Don’t know anyone? Get out of that comfort zone and make some new friends. Having people to sit with can distract from tiredness. They can keep each other awake with nudges or pokes.

7. Find a class crush

Look around for some eye candy in the class. Lectures are so much more fun and interesting if there’s a certain person to fixate on and flirt with.

8: Have peppermints handy

Peppermint candy actually stimulates the mind by increasing the oxygen flow to the brain. Keep an emergency peppermint stash at all times to help concentrate in class. As an added bonus, this will keep breath smelling fresh for that class crush (see number seven).

So don’t get caught drooling or snoring in class. Follow these guidelines to fend off fatigue: no coffee needed.

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