Not-so-happy camper


Little did I know that by attending BYU my camping trips would come to a screeching halt. Setting specific standards at a university is commendable, and BYU has done an incredible job at enforcing its high standards. However, how would you feel if you embarked on a fun road trip with some friends as a responsible adult and was later reprimanded for breaking a rule you weren’t aware existed? Students attending BYU should be treated as adults and be allowed to take trips with the opposite gender without being surprised by a rule in the Honor Code that is not clearly outlined.

Each student is required to sign a document that states his or her consent to the rules set by the University Honor Code. The part that tends to be misunderstood is the following statement: “Whether on or off campus or between semesters, all students are expected to abide by the Honor Code.” This can put a real damper on your camping trips.

Students interested in developing both spiritually and academically should follow their own version of the Honor Code, one that is made personally. As most students are as unaware of this particular rule as I was, it has been looked over and broken many times by others who had been figuratively smacked in the face by the same issue. That being said, can’t we be trusted to take trips with friends without breaking a misinterpreted rule?

Madeline Whetten
El Paso, Texas

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