Lost on campus?


Have you ever found yourself in a place that is brand new to you, and you have no idea where anything is? That is how many of us felt on our first day of college here at BYU.

To solve this problem, BYU should install campus directories in well-traveled areas in order to help newcomers around and to improve the experience of visitors. First and foremost, they would save time for those who are lost, especially new freshmen still finding their way around. In addition to helping newcomers, these directories would also serve to help those who are just visiting campus. Although campus is familiar enough to those who attend, it may seem like a maze to visitors. Finally, there are those of us who still lose our way around campus, despite all the experience we have finding our way around. There is also the occasional need to find a new building on campus. A quick glance at a directory would help confirm that you were going in the right direction.

However, some would argue that their iPhone or tablet could solve this problem. Although using a smartphone to look up maps may seem like a catch-all for finding your way around, the inaccuracy of online maps, coupled with the fact that not everyone has smart devices, makes this a bad solution.

Conveniently placed directories would improve our lives and the experience of those who visit this great school.

Samuel White
Batavia, Illinois

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