The 8 best spots on BYU’s campus

Students swarm across campus. (Universe photo).

Each day, thousands of students and faculty spend hours on BYU’s campus. They gravitate to their favorite spots for studying, sleeping, eating and meeting up with other people. Here are a few of those spots:

1. Lee Library fifth floor mountain view

For students who like gazing at the mountains or the sun while they study, this is the best spot to study in the library. Head up to the fifth floor and look for the windows that face the north side. But be aware — these seats fill up fast.

Take a photo of the experience and Tweet or Instagram it with the hashtag #HBLL. You could appear on their Twitter or Instagram feeds!

2. Joseph F. Smith Building courtyard

Nestled within the JFSB is a quiet courtyard where a fountain, benches and patches of green grass welcome students. This is a great spot for sleeping on the grass, eating your lunch or soaking up the last rays of sun.

3. Duck pond

The duck pond on the south of campus has been a favorite spot for students for many years. It’s a great spot for feeding the ducks, playing frisbee, having a picnic, getting proposed to or having a DTR.

4. Jesse Knight Building couches

Looking for a quiet and comfortable place to sit that has a beautiful view? The couches on the third and fourth floor of the JKB by the elevators are the answer. But be careful, students sometimes snooze without realizing it.

5. Couches in women’s bathrooms

Sorry boys, but the women’s bathrooms will always be better than yours. The couches in the women’s bathrooms all over campus are great for sleeping, studying and girl gossip.

6. Space under the stairs in the Benson Building

The space under the stairs in the Benson Building is dark and hidden, which makes it a common place for students to sleep. Even Harry Potter would enjoy sleeping under these stairs.

7. Platform 9 3/4

No need to travel to King’s Cross Station in London for a Platform 9 3/4 photo — there’s one on campus! Walk along the east side of the library to see for yourself.

8. JFSB roof

This fourth-floor roof provides a stunning view to clear the head, a quiet spot for contemplation or a moment with the sun. It is arguably BYU’s best-kept secret.

What are your favorite spots on BYU’s campus? Share them in the comments below.

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