Missionaries moving out of Raintree and Wyview Park

The Missionary Training Center in Provo. (Chris Bunker)
The Missionary Training Center in Provo. (Chris Bunker)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently announced it is planning to move all Provo missionaries-in-training back into the Provo Missionary Training Center after its remodel is complete next summer.

Many missionaries were moved to neighboring apartment complexes after President Thomas S. Monson’s historic age change announcement brought such an influx in missionaries that the MTC was unable to house them all.

“In the coming weeks, the Church will discontinue the use of the Raintree Commons and Wyview Park for the purpose of training missionaries,” said Jessica Moody, Church spokesperson, in an official Church statement. “Remodeling at the Missionary Training Center now allows the return of the missionaries to the main campus.”

The Church plans to expand the MTC in the summer of 2015 to increase missionary training and housing capacity from 3,000 to 4,500, according to an article on mormonnewsroom.org.

Follow this link to see the Universe’s original article with more details about the missionaries moving to Raintree and Wyview Park apartments.

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