5 fans you will see at every BYU football game


When game time rolls around each week, Cougar fans of all shapes and sizes show up to LaVell Edwards Stadium to cheer on their team. If you are a regular at football games, you know those fans who sometimes make you wonder.

“Why is that guy buying five Cougar tails at once?”

“Is she really doing homework during the fourth quarter?”

“I hope the guy next to me who painted himself showered this morning.”

Honestly, it wouldn’t be Cougar football without those fans there. Here is a list of the five fans people will see at every BYU football game.


1. The camper

camping gif 2










They live, breathe and eat Cougar sports. Even if it is freezing outside and they have a comfy bed somewhere with their name on it, they have to be front row at every single game.


2. The guy who paints his entire body

football fan








These fans usually lack some articles of clothing so they could instead paint it to show just how “loyal, strong and true” they are. They deserve some kind of recognition though, as they probably spent an hour painting that all on. Also, they still cheer even when the team is losing and all the rest of the fans just leave.


3. The homework-doer

katy perry










Some fans may wonder why the heck these book-carrying fans are even there; but the sight of their significant other standing next to them makes it obvious. You would think they would have the backbone to say, “I actually have a lot of homework tonight,” or, “I would rather do homework than watch BYU football,” but hey, whatever floats their boat.


4. The baby guy










Sometimes this type of fan can be pointed out pretty easily anywhere in the stadium. He is the married long-time football fan who either couldn’t find a babysitter or is trying to start his kids young. He is pretty cool until about the second quarter or so, when his little kids become restless because in all honesty, no small child has the attention span to watch an entire football game. The kids may annoy the other fans, but the guy gets points for being so committed to the Cougars.


5. The girl who goes crazier than the boys

crazy girl









She is tough, loud and has such a high-pitched scream it wouldn’t be surprising if the football players could actually hear her. Her disguise is well put together, as she comes to every game in a cute BYU sweater, her hair perfectly curled, with some of her girlfriends. Once kickoff has started, though, her true blue comes out in full force, as she calls out every referee and bad play she can see.


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