Free ADHD screenings on campus


Disability-awareness-week-logo-words (1)The University Accessibility Center (UAC) will offer free, confidential Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder screenings on Oct. 20, as part of the BYU Disability Awareness Week.

ADHD makes it difficult for those with the disorder to focus or control their behavior, often resulting in their feeling overwhelmed. Mix these symptoms with the workload BYU provides, and the term “overwhelmed” may be an understatement. Aaron Allred, a coordinator at the UAC, understands this.

“Attention problems are ubiquitous, especially in an academically demanding environment. Perhaps everyone can relate to those who suffer from ADHD, at least to some degree,” he said.

The UAC is able to help. Allred said testing can help students gain clarity on whether students are experiencing normal forgetfulness or lapses in attention or whether they are experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder.

“Not only can the University Accessibility Center help with diagnosing the attention problem, but the UAC can help students in having academic supports to address the problem,” he said.

Allred said some of the help the UAC can provide includes ADHD coaching and class accommodations in line with federal disability laws.

The confidential screenings will take place in Room 2170 WSC (University Accessibility Center). Students can drop in anytime from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and participate at no cost. The screening process takes only fifteen minutes.

For more information regarding the ADHD screenings and other Disability Awareness Week events, go to the University Accessibility Center website:

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