Loyal, strong and ‘True Blue Foam’



Students diving recklessly onto giant plastic slides wet with water and laid out down a hill can make for an exciting time. Add blue foam to the mix, and it’s a BYU-approved slip ‘n’ slide Homecoming party.

Hundreds of students converged on Helaman Fields on Wednesday, Oct. 15, to participate in what promised to be one of the most thrilling activities Homecoming 2014 had to offer: True Blue Foam.

And make no mistake, it was as blue as the faces of BYU football fans when the Cougars fell to Utah State on Oct. 3. But this time everybody had a good time.

“It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it,” said True Blue Foam participant Austin Averett. “It was a little cold, but it was a great activity, and I enjoyed it.”

Bubbling swirls of blue foam covered nearly 1,800 participants in a Homecoming tradition that has lasted more than a decade.

Participants had the option of rolling around in blue foam or taking the plunge down three evenly spaced slides individually or with friends, all to their hearts’ content.

The event exceeded expectations for first-time participant Cami Chang.

“I figured since it was my last year I should do it just to show some BYU pride,” Chang said. “And it was awesome — I wish I had done it all four years of college. It’s just a lot of fun and really social. It’s a great way to celebrate being a Cougar.”


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