Scripture power


I am very grateful for the comfort and inspiration we can find in the scriptures. But for many of us here being required to study them in an academic environment takes away from the spiritual beauty and simplicity that they contain. The scriptures become more like a textbook of dates and historical events, rather than a spiritual self-help book.

Because of many faithful tithe payers and the many donations from members and nonmembers alike, BYU has a small tuition fee, and some say religion requirements are just a small price to pay in order to be here. But it’s not studying the scriptures in an academic setting that is going to show our thanks to those that have helped us get here. But by reading our scriptures individually and then applying what we learn in our career, family and community we will show them that we will make a difference wherever we go.

Now I know that those of us who disagree with the religion requirements do not speak for everybody. For those that love having their knowledge of the scriptures magnified and deepened with the help of those who have studied them much longer than us, these classes should be available every semester as an elective, but not as a requirement. My hope is that whether we like to study the scriptures and religion in our homes or in our university, or both, that we can be free to choose without having negative consequences on our academic status.

EJ Morin

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