Burnt by the fire code


“Hill for Heisman!” fans shouted as we cheered on our Cougars of BYU during a recent road game. Interrupting the chant, we were told to leave “The Wall” on campus because we were in violation of that sign that no one ever pays attention to, maximum capacity.

As students, it is not our responsibility to abide by the fire code. Instead, the university itself should provide an environment where such a code may be upheld. There is a simple solution that, if implemented, will put to sleep the issue of jeopardizing a student’s safety for their game experience or vice versa. The simple solution to this dilemma is for BYU faculty to utilize the seldom-filled, very spacious ballroom in the Wilkinson Student Center. Putting up two large projectors and filling the room with chairs will settle this issue.

Why should this problem even be addressed? Easy, safety is important, and therefore the fire code is necessary. But it isn’t my job to count how many people are in The Wall before I walk in or to make sure the TV is set to the right channel. Next time BYU plays a road game, I hope our fandom won’t be interrupted and students’ game-experience not ruined because BYU faculty took matters into their own hands by implementing this solution so their students aren’t “burnt” by the fire code. In the end, both demands are met. BYU students are safe while, at the same time, freely enjoying themselves.

Dallin Wright
Grand Junction, Colorado

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