Humans of BYU: Oct. 10




“We’ve known each other for 13 months; we met freshman year. Our favorite thing to do is take spontaneous trips to California! We slept in our car for three or four days. We just blew up an air mattress and went into hotels in the morning to freshen up. We were on the show “Let’s Make a Deal”—watch it tomorrow! We dressed up as grapes and a banana.”


“My biggest fear is not having enough money to support my family. I get married in December and I’m trying to find a job right now.”
“What would you tell her dad right now if you had the chance?”
“We’ve been friends forever. Nothing in the world means more to me and I’d do anything to keep her safe.”
“It was a study abroad from Scotland to England with a focus on creative writing. They drove our luggage, but we walked from place to place. There was a point when we were walking where we couldn’t see the next town. The sun was setting, the road dipped down, and near an estuary we found this tiny town. There was a witch museum, a hostel, an inn and a pub. Since it was such a small town, the girls stayed at the hostel and the boys at the inn. Later that night, we heard a knock from the boys on the window and they told us we had to come to the pub to listen to some music. Music at a pub is typical, but when we got there we saw all of these crazy local people that come and make music each week at the pub! One whipped out a flute. It was so authentic. We were reading the landscape, too, not just the literature.”


(Photos taken and quotes gathered by Jenna Koford and Bret Mortimer)


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