Larry S. Kacher: Trifle not with sacred things

Elder Larry S. Kacher,, of the Seventy, gives his address in the Sunday afternoon session. He spoke of choosing the right currents in life. (Mormon Newsroom)

SALT LAKE CITY — Elder Larry S. Kacher, of the Seventy, offered some insight on the trials of a convert to the Church in his address Sunday afternoon. As a convert to the Church he was able to use personal experience to bring those trials to life for many lifetime members.

Elder Kacher told of a time that his family went on vacation to the Indian Ocean. He described how he swam out and got caught in dangerous currents, barely surviving the ordeal, and then went on to compare the experience to the currents that can threaten or assist one in life’s journey.

“There were many who wanted to convince me of the error of my ways — ‘riptides’ determined to pull me away from the peaceful current that had become a wonderful source of happiness,” Elder Kacher said.

He went on to say he was able to stay strong by focusing on the peace and happiness the Church had brought him. He explained how he had many questions that created much uncertainty, but by focusing on trusting the Lord he was able to stay strong until God revealed all things.

Elder Kacher made sure to say there was still room for questions within the Church.

“By asking sincere questions and by seeking divine answers we learn line upon line, precept upon precept as we increase in knowledge and wisdom,” he explained.

He told of a Church member he knew who questioned the doctrine of the Church and chose to rely on secular information rather than God for his answers.

“His pride may have been gratified, at least temporarily, but he was cut off from the powers of heaven,” Elder Kacher said. “Rather than find truth, he lost his testimony and brought with him many family members.”

He invited members of the Church to take advantage of revelation and examine their own lives to discover needed adjustments.

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