M1M1K fashion show #beyourselfie


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Local designers Mimi Knowles and Tara Brooke of M1M1Klothing hosted a fashion show at the Velour to launch their fall collection Sept 25.

The event began at 7:30 and was open to the public for $5 a ticket. M1M1K hosted the event, but the show also featured other designers and performances from local musicians.

M1M1K’s fall campaign revolves around the catchphrase “Be your selfie.”

Mimi Knowles and Tara Brooke, designers behind  M1M1K, wearing shirts from their clothing line. (Photo by Roxana Baker)
Mimi Knowles and Tara Brooke, designers behind M1M1K, wearing shirts from their clothing line. (Photo by Roxana Baker)

“Sometimes there are people who want to bring you down or say what you are doing is dumb, and we just want to really promote the spirit of being yourself,” Knowles said.

The summer line is currently available for purchase on the M1M1k website. The fall collection will be available soon. It has a similar feel to the summer collection, but will have long-sleeve, crew-neck sweaters and hoodies for the fall.

“We started with a tank that said ‘I don’t sweat, I just glisten,'” Knowles said as he described how the business began.

“We originally did that because one of his fans actually asked for it,” co-designer Brooke said. “That’s a lyric from one of his songs and that’s how we started everything. It just kind of spiraled from there.”

Knowles is an established musician in the Provo scene, and his musical fan base helps support the clothing line through online promotion.

“Just did a happy dance at work! Thanks guys I will definitely be reppin’ #m1m1klothing!” wrote @kassidymarie, one of his followers on Instagram.

Brooke and Knowles were friends long before the conception of their clothing line. The two have a cohesive vision when it comes to design.

The M1M1k brand, with its graphic designs and off-beat images and messages, has an urban vibe. The aesthetic of the brand appeals to the younger generation, or anyone who strives have an eccentric wardrobe.

“College age and a lot of high school kids are wearing our clothing,” Brooke said. “So I’d say people anywhere from 15 to 30-ish is our market. But it’s definitely people who have more of an open mind when it comes to fashion, who aren’t so conservative.”

To keep up with M1M1klothing, their products and their events, follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Their handle is @m1m1klothing.


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