Henry B. Eyring: The preparatory priesthood

President Henry B. Eyring talked to the body of the priesthood about the preparation that is needed in life while holding the Aaronic Priesthood.
President Henry B. Eyring spoke to the body of the priesthood about the preparation that is needed in life while holding the Aaronic Priesthood during Saturday evening’s priesthood session. (Mormon Newsroom).

President Henry B. Erying, second counselor in the First Presidency, spoke during the priesthood session of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Oct. 4 about the Aaronic priesthood and how it is used in the Church.

President Eyring focused his talk more toward the Aaronic priesthood holders, talking about how it is a preparatory priesthood for the future lives of those who hold it.

“The Lord’s work is filled with preparation,” President Eyring said.

He went on to describe his youth in his small branch in the eastern part of the United States. He and his older brother were the only Aaronic priesthood holders, until his branch president invited another man to become a member of the Church. One day the four men were out serving a widow, and President Eyring said he could feel the power of being united in the priesthood. President Erying expressed gratitude for the branch president and for the experiences gained as a youth.

When President Eyring and his family moved to Utah he was called to assist the bishop of his ward in the priest’s quorum. The two went to a widow’s house and visited a less active man. As the bishop extended an invitation to the less active man to come back to church activity, President Erying could feel the love from the bishop.

He also shared an experience when his son was paired with another more seasoned priesthood companion for home teaching. The senior companion said to the boy, “‘I think we should teach something like a call to repentance but not from me, but from you.'” President Eyring can remember seeing the terror in his son’s eyes. He was proud of his son for accepting the challenge and trust from the senior companion.

“I don’t know the outcome of the visit, but I do know that there was preparation being made for the young man for his future days,” President Erying said.

President Eyring concluded with a personal experience with his father. President Eyring was handed a paper from his father written about science and religion, which would be handed to the Quorum of the Twelve.

“Here, before I send this to the Twelve, I want you to read it. You will know if it is right,” President Eyring’s father said to him.

President Eyring stated that his father was 32 years older than him and “immeasurably more wise and intelligent.” President Eyring was humbled at the trust his father had in him.

“The Lord Himself held those of the lesser priesthood with a regard that honors their potential and their value to Him,” President Eyring concluded.



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