Police Beat: Sept 30


BYU Police

Photo by Provo City
Photo by Provo City

Sept. 20 — Officers responded to a report of an argument that arose from an individual’s use of foul language.

Sept. 20 — Officers responded to a report that individuals were throwing water balloons at individuals by the LVES.

Sept. 22 — Officers responded to a report of smelling a controlled substance at Wyview. An individual was located and cited.

Sept. 24 — An individual reported that a BYU ID card was used without authorization after it was lost.

Disorderly Conduct

Sept. 24 — Officers responded to a report of a verbal dispute between a couple.

Sept. 25 — An officer responded to a report that an individual made disparaging remarks to another individual.


Sept. 24 — An individual reported being harassed via text. An investigation is continuing.


Sept. 24 — An officer responded to a report of an individual being struck by another.


Drug Abuse

Sept. 26 — Officers responded to a report of an area smelling like marijuana and Doritos coming from a home near 100 W. 700 N. The homeowner was contacted and an officer found his bag of weed and offered a trade. The bag of weed for a citation.


Sept. 25 — An officer stopped a man that appeared to be DUI. He was driving under the influence and was arrested.

Sept. 26 — Officers arrested an intoxicated woman who was causing problems for motorists driving on State Street. She was brought to jail to sober up.


Sept. 25 — A business near 200 N. State St. was burglarized. The suspect forced their way in through a door.

Sept. 25 — An officer recovered a stolen vehicle and arrested the driver and passenger.

Sept. 25 — A storage shed in Orem was burglarized, unbeknownst to its owner. Nothing was discovered until Santaquin Police called about a motorcycle that was in the bed of truck that they had stopped. They traced it back to the victim, who was keeping the motorcycle in his storage unit. Santaquin Police recovered large amounts of his stolen property.

Sept. 26 — An Orem man sold a ring online to a man in Las Vegas. The man shipped the ring but never received payment for it. Vegas Metro Police are following up on the case. 

Sept. 26 — A Taylorville man gave a friend of a friend a ride to a trailer park in Orem. He dropped the man off and left for Salt Lake. Halfway there, he realized that his backpack was missing and turned back around to try and find the man that stole it. He was unable to find the man.

Sept. 26 — A man’s cell phone was stolen while at the mall. It was tracked to a McDonald’s in Orem, where officers found a 14-year-old had it. He was charged with possession of stolen property.

Sept. 29 — A man robbed a subway in Orem. The suspect is now wanted in connection with four robberies. He has been identified as Josef Hardesty and was arrested.



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