Indigenous peoples take part in Flood Wall Street movement (+video)


Twitter was flooded last week with tweets linking to a YouTube video called “Indigenous Peoples at #FloodWallStreet.”

Idle No More, which calls itself “one of the largest indigenous mass movements in Canadian history,” posted the video, which depicts hundreds of people — many dressed in traditional Native American garb — at Sept 22’s Flood Wall Street Movement in New York City.

The video included shots of the demonstration and comments from representatives of various indigenous peoples organizations. Winona Laduke, a cofounder of Honor the Earth, said, “I’m here because I know where the money is. And I know that people make really bad decisions here, and these bad decision it turns out affect my family.”

Honor the Earth is a 20-year-old organization that works to “raise public awareness (of the Native environmental movement)” and “direct funds to grassroots Native environmental groups,” according to the organization’s website.

Representatives from Black Mesa Water Coalition and Idle No More also made appearances on the video. According to an article on Native News Online, more than 100 thousand indigenous peoples were present on Wall Street to demand rights and protection of their lands.

Flood Wall Street was a demonstration on September 22 in New York City’s financial district. The movement’s website says that its goal is to stop capitalism from contributing to the climate crisis.


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