Rooftop Concert hits ground level with surprise Neon Trees appearance

Utah photographer
Fictionist frontman Stuart Maxfield plays a Rooftop Concert Series concert on the rooftop on 100 W. October’s Rooftop Concert will take place on the ground with a surprise appearance by Neon Trees. (Justin Hackworth)

The fifth-year anniversary of the Rooftop Concert Series will move to the ground for the first time on Oct. 3. The show will take place on Center Street, facing 100 West.

The ground level provides more room for an audience than the roof previously did. However, this relocation may not be permanent.

“I think this is a great trial run,” said Rooftop co-founder Justin Hackworth. “We’re talking about options at this point.”

The timing of the move is especially convenient in light of Wednesday’s announcement that Provo-born rockers Neon Trees would be taking over the headliner spot at the final installment of this year’s concert series. Fictionist will also be debuting its new album at the Oct. 3 show, allowing Provo an exclusive look at tracks not released until Oct. 7. The Blue Aces, a band that has performed at the Rooftop Series twice before, will open.

If the Rooftop Concert Series committee ends up moving the concert series to the street for good, it will be because it better serves the audience. The hope is that people would be able to see the stage better while not having to endure a squished battle of bodies. The only drawback is that the series would lose its originality.

“There’s so many towns you go to with free concerts in the park, but I think it’s great that we have it on the roof,” Hackworth said. “We like it up there. Our identity is up there.”

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