Take a break on campus


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Taking breaks regularly during studying can actually improve productivity. Brief breaks allows students to study more efficiently in the long run.

The following are quirky ideas on how to make the most of a study break on campus so students can return to work more refreshed.

1. Indulge in the Cougareat’s hidden menus.

Whether it’s a White Gummy Bear smoothie from Jamba Juice or a Pizza Sub from Subway, beautiful delicacies hide behind standard menus, and they’re waiting to be eaten. Most restaurants in the Cougareat have a secret menu, and usually all it takes is asking the cashier.

2. Y-Serve. Why not?

Y-Serve, stationed on the second floor of the Wilkinson Center, consistently has projects available for students who want to help. Freshman Mary Larsen stopped in after class to help knit small beanies. She said Y-Serve is the most convenient way to serve on campus.

3. Spare your mind. Go bowling.

The Bowling & Games Center, located on the first floor of the Wilkinson Center, makes it easy for students to take out some study angst on the hardwood. Freshmen Emma Aldridge and Rizek Housari understand the convenience of the on-campus bowling alley. They also understand how to make a quirky study break a bit competitive.

“It’s super easy to get to because it’s on campus, and it’s relatively cheap,” Aldridge said.

“And she’s taking a bowling class and was talking smack the other day, so we had to settle it here,” Housari added.

4. Feed the ducks.

The duck pond south of campus offers students beautiful scenery — green grass, shade from tall trees, darling ducks and sunbathing turtles. The ducks take kindly to students who bring bread with them.

5. Get a haircut at Studio 1030.

The salon offers haircuts, color treatments, manicures and pedicures and can be found on the bottom floor of the Wilkinson Center. Getting a haircut has never been easier.

“It’s on campus, so it’s easily accessible — it’s convenient, a good haircut and a good environment. If you know you’ll have a break, you can schedule an appointment ahead of time or just walk in,” said Emma Bell, the receptionist at Studio 1030.

6. Hit up The Wall.

The Wall, located on the bottom floor of the Wilkinson Center, is a restaurant with concert venue vibes. Open mic nights and good grub are both common available at this easy-to-access establishment. Read more about attractions at The Wall here.

7. Be a curator for a day at the Museum of Peoples and Cultures.

The Museum of Peoples and Cultures’ current exhibition is entitled “Nuchu: Voices of the Ute People.” The museum is located at 100 E 700 N.

The museum, which focuses on archaeology and ethnology, will host two events on Sept. 27 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The first is the Amazing Race: Campus Edition, in which students race across campus and participate in challenges. Prizes are awarded to the fastest teams. Teams of four to seven can register at the Museum Sept. 17–Sept. 25. Registering costs $10.

The second event is the Junior Curator Program, geared toward children ages 5–11. Kids have the chance to take their families on mini tours, dig up artifacts and participate in bracelet crafts for free.

8. Drown study sorrows in fudge.

BYU Store fudge makes for a good No Shh! Zone treat. Actually, anything available at the candy counter should do just fine.

9. Explore the Eyring Science Center.

The ESC is a scientific wonderland that will provide a mind-boggling break. Students can check out the vortex cannon, optical illusions, magnetic sand box and more.

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