Out N Back moves to new location in Orem

Customers leave the grand opening of Out N Back with prizes and gear. The store recently moved to a new location on State Street in Orem, Utah and celebrated with a grand opening including $4000 in raffle prizes.

OREM, Utah — Out N Back held a grand opening event on Saturday for its new store location, with a raffle giving away more than $4,000 in outdoor gear to those in attendance.

Out N Back recently moved further north on State Street in Orem, from iys previous location on State Street near the Provo Orem border. To celebrate their new location, the store held gear clinics to teach how to fit a backpack properly, a rock climbing question-and-answer with a representative from Black Diamond and a large raffle with prizes ranging from tents to sleeping bags to water bottles.

“We are hoping for roughly 300 people for the whole event,” said Jonathan Burton, 24, who works as floor salesman. “There should be about 50 to 60 people every hour or so until the raffle at the end, when everyone comes back.”

Owner Keith Hillman said the new location should be better suited for business.

“The new location gives us great potential with a huge parking lot, access from the east and the west,” he said. “There is easy access to and from the freeway and also to Provo Canyon.”

“Parking is a lot better (with the new store), and it’s closer to my house,” said David Waugh, 22, from Orem. “I come to Out N Back because my neighbor owns it and I can get gear for snowboarding, rock climbing and backpacking.”

Out N Back originally started as a military surplus and emergency preparation supplier in 1986. After two years, the company changed its focus from surplus to camping and backpacking. Now Out N Back specializes in climbing, canyoneering, backpacking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Clint Meriwether and his son came to the grand opening because they saw the excitement outside and because Meriwether’s wife knew about the event.

“We saw what was going on from the road and decided to drop by,” Meriweather said. “One thing we are looking for today is a backpack for my son so we can go camping.”

In addition to improved parking, the new store has a number of improvements. The new, open floor plan allows for customers to easily navigate the store to find gear they are looking for. In addition, the new open showroom will facilitate the weekly Tuesday clinics that Out N Back hosts for its customers, and the rental area now creates ease of access for customers coming to rent winter gear.

“The old store felt like a maze,” said Tyler Allsop, 25, from American Fork. “I come to Out N Back because they have high-quality products to choose from … there aren’t many stores in Utah county that offers such high-quality products. I really like the open floor space, which allows me to see all the products.”

Provo was recently ranked as the second best city in America, according to Outside Magazine. With opportunities to rock climb, ski, run and camp in the Wasatch Range, stores like Out N Back help encourage those who want to get outside and play.

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