Humans of BYU: Sept. 29


It is easy to feel lost in the crowd on a campus of 30,000+ students, but each individual student has a story to tell. The Universe drew inspiration from the Humans of New York project and reached out to students on campus. We hope that the project will highlight what makes the students of BYU unique, and what brings us all together.


I just got into the Marriott school, minoring in visual arts. I’ve been painting my whole life, I really got into street art as a kid. When I was 18 I joined an artist collective in California.
The most meaningful painting I did was for my wife. It was a three-foot by four-foot portrait of her mom, who died of brain cancer.
Finding time to do everything has been on my mind recently. I quit my job last week at the plasma center. It was hard because I really need experience hours, but you have to weigh your opportunity costs and figure out time to do homework, tests, and dating. There are so many good things and all these people want all of your attention, it’s hard to
give 100% to one thing but that’s what you need to do. I can’t always have fun.
My happiest memory was when I was living in London and I climbed to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral and looked over the city. It wasn’t just because I got to the top, but because it symbolized how far I’ve come and my hope for the future.

(Quotes gathered and photos taken by Jenna Koford)

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