Sister Linda K. Burton: Preparing for the temple, drop by drop

Sister Linda K. Burton, General Relief Society President. (Courtesy Mormon Newsroom)
Sister Linda K. Burton, General Relief Society President. (Courtesy Mormon Newsroom)

Sister Linda K. Burton, Relief Society General President, opened the 184th Semiannual Women’s Meeting on Sept. 27, speaking to women ages eight and older about preparing for the temple.

“We can receive inspiration and revelation in the temple and also power to cope with the adversities of life,” Sister Burton said.

She said members need to prepare themselves for the temple daily, drop by drop.

Consistent and faithful diligence

Referencing Moroni’s preparation of the Nephites for war with the Lamanites, Sister Burton said they were prepared “in a manner which had never before been known.”

Sister Burton then admonished listeners to follow scriptural patterns of preparedness, especially in relation to preparing for the temple. She said this spiritual preparation is gained drop by drop through consistent and faithful diligence.

Preparation drop by drop

Sister Burton said she never tires of the story of the ten virgins. “Though this parable refers to being prepared for the second coming of our Savior, we could also liken it to being prepared for temple blessings, which can be like a spiritual feast to those who are well-prepared,” she said.

Just as the five wise virgins could not give the five foolish virgins any of their oil, the oil of spiritual preparation cannot be shared.

Sister Burton said the lamp of spiritual preparation will be filled through small and simple things. Personal worthiness for the temple will come through consistent, correct choices.

Invite the Spirit into homes

“Only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness,” Sister Burton said. “Do our homes or apartments fit that description?”

Sister Burton encouraged listeners to make sure their homes will be prepared to feel the Spirit.

“As we prepare our homes to be places where the Spirit is welcome…we will be prepared to feel more at home in the house of the Lord,” she said.


Quoting Sister Bonnie Oscarson’s “Where much is required, much more will be given,” Sister Burton said that we should not be surprised that the higher standards are requisite to qualify for the eternal blessings of the temple.

“Because the temple is the house of the Lord, standards of admission are set by the Him. One enters as His guest,” Sister Burton said, quoting Elder Russell M. Nelson.

Daily drops of preparation are required by world-class athletes and doctoral medical students in order to come out on top. Likewise, those who wish to qualify for exaltation must practice a higher standard of obedience, “day by day and drop by drop.”

“Doing these small and simple things, we can have our lamps trimmed and burning with astonishing preparation,” Sister Burton said.

Sister Burton said she hopes temple attendance will be more than a one-time event.

“May we prepare to worthily receive saving ordinances … and keep the associated covenants wholeheartedly. As we do so, I know we will qualify to receive the promised blessings of a fullness of the Holy Ghost and the power of the Lord in our homes and individual lives.”




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