Whitney Fredette scores points with a fashion blog


Jimmer Fredette’s wife, Whitney, is expanding her identity from NBA wife to fashionista with the launch of her new style blog, WhitneyJean.

Whitney Fredette’s blog focuses on her personal fashion choices. She posts photos of her outfit several times a week. Her blog aesthetic mirrors her style preferences.

Whitney Fredette poses in one of her classic black and white looks. Whitney recently started her own blog, using her husband as the photographer. (Jimmer Fredette)
Whitney Fredette poses in one of her classic black and white looks. She recently started a fashion blog called Whitney Jean. (Jimmer Fredette)

“I’m so much of a girly girl and I’m really preppy,” Fredette said when describing her blog. “I guess I was a cheerleader, so that makes sense. I wanted it to be simple, but I wanted it to have a little bit of a girly-girl flare to it as well. You will find me wearing a ton of black and white. They are my favorite colors and my favorite combination.”

One of Fredette’s styling tips is to invest in a good “go-to” pair of jeans. She suggests buying boyfriend jeans because they transition easily from summer to fall. She also advises against sheer clothes with colorful undergarments. “That is an absolute no-no,” she said.

The WhitneyJean blog differs from other fashion blogs because Whitney Fredette styles her outfits according to LDS standards on modesty. This makes her fashion blog especially relevant to BYU students, who are striving to adhere to the Honor Code while still feeling stylish.

“I think a lot of time in college it’s easier to just roll out of bed in sweats and go to school in that,” Fredette said. “But I hope that maybe some of my outfits will inspire girls to see that there are outfits that are modest and are in line with the Honor Code, but are also cute and fun to wear.”

WhitneyJean blog-readers have given positive feedback.

One reader, Madeline Gardener, commented on the blog: “Ok you are seriously gorgeous! 🙂 So excited that you started your own blog!”

Another response gave a suggestion for improvement.

“You should do some ‘affordable for the average person’ outfits :)” reader Troy said.

Fredette is open to constructive criticism and even said it is one of her favorite things about blogging. After this comment, she posted a simple and easy look featuring converse sneakers and a cotton knit dress.

Basketball fans may be excited to hear Jimmer Fredette is involved in the new fashion blog, although he is not making many of the satorial decisions.

“He is helping by doing all of the photography for the posts,” Fredette said. “On all of my pictures he makes me hashtag #fredettephotography because he is very proud of himself. I’ve had a couple of photographers offer to do it for me … but right now Jimmer does a really good job.”

In the future, Fredette plans to continue building her blog through fashion posts, as well as posting about the lifestyle of an NBA wife.



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