Scavenging for love

Katie and Matthew Hark check out the Stray Boots BYU Scavenger Hunt app.
Katie and Matthew Hark check out the Stray Boots BYU Scavenger Hunt app. The new download offers a different view of campus as teams complete photo tasks or trivia challenges. (Maddi Dayton)

If BYU students need a creative date idea on campus, there’s an app for that.

Alumni Carl and Angie Miller created a virtual scavenger hunt that allows players to perform trivia challenges and photo tasks as they make their way across campus. Players begin the hunt at the Wilkinson Center and can work in teams of two to eight.

The hunt is available through Stray Boots, an app that connects ordinary walking tours with fun tasks and challenges users can do along the way.

Some challenges in the BYU scavenger hunt include finding Kung Fu Panda’s Po in the Talmage Building and finding the bathroom that Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings considers his favorite.

The Millers imagined the campus hunt would be prime for creative first dates, fun family home evenings and unique roommate bonding.

“Dating should give couples and friends the opportunity to get to know each other in an easy environment,” Angie Miller said. “Playing a game and being active is really the best way to see who someone really is.”

Angie Miller said the challenges in the hunt can be quite difficult, so couples have to work together. Players will likely see another side of their date while scavenging through campus.

BYU is the only college campus that has this Stray Boots scavenger hunt app, but the Millers are working on creating one for BYU—Idaho. There are three walking tours available in Salt Lake City: Olympic sites, Main Street and Temple Square.

Stray Boots is a company that transforms walking tours into fun, virtual scavenger hunts. The free app, which has been given positive reviews by the New York Times and Travel & Leisure, may be downloaded on smartphones and tablets. From there, students may purchase additional hunts, like the one in Salt Lake City, for $10.

The good news is that the Millers understand the importance of student budgets and will charge only $5 for the scavenger hunt. The better news? The BYU tour is free for a limited time.

“Early feedback was filled with couples who loved the cooperative experience and discovering new places together, whether it was their second date or 200th. We can’t wait to share the experience with the BYU Cougars,” said Scott Knackmuhs, co-founder of Stray Boots.

The hunt also makes for an exciting Family Home Evening activity. The app includes an option to “reverse” the tour so two groups can compete at one time to see who can finish first.

The BYU hunt is available for free for a limited time. In order to claim the tour:

1. Download the Stray Boots app for iPhone or Android
2. Create an account
3. Select Out and About — My Account — Claim a Tour
4. Enter any of the following codes:
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