Weekly 5: Five classes any student should take


Between majors and GE classes, it can be difficult to imagine classes as anything other than a means to an end. However, some classes exist that students, regardless of major, should take just for the sake of learning. Here are five classes at BYU that any student could benefit from:

1. TMA 150 – Public Speaking

Students hoping to brush up on their public speaking skills can take TMA 150, which will provide a formal framework for giving a good speech and plenty of first hand practice.

2. ACC 200 – Principles of Accounting

Students may need to be adept at accounting for money, regardless of their future profession. Whether it is managing personal finance, grant proposals or tithing, some students will need to use accounting principles to manage their money. ACC 200 will teach students the basics of assets, liabilities and equity. Don’t know what equity means? They teach that in ACC 200.

“Accounting 200 has helped me understand why companies need to monitor and report certain financials. This has helped out not only in business programming but also in my personal life,” said Scott Carlson, an information systems major from Hong Kong, China.

3. MCOM 320 – Communication in Organizational Settings

Developing proper communication skills in college is crucial to becoming an effective leader in any organization. While most BYU students are capable of drafting a letter or writing an essay, it is more difficult to craft a persuasive message or to write appropriate business correspondence. In addition, MCOM 320 helps students design their own resumes and cover letters.

4. SFL 110 – Food Preparation in the Home

Want to make an impressive dinner for that date on Friday night? SFL 110 will teach students how to use different tools in the kitchen while making meals that are nutritious and healthy. From breads and meats to cakes and candy, students can learn how to use a variety of ingredients that will ultimately taste a lot better than instant ramen.

“The food prep class was a wonderful break from the typical school feel. And we learned about something that was beneficial for my entire life,” said Lacey Bodily, a business major from Draper.

5. IAS 351R – Model United Nations

While only the fall semester class is open enrollment, the three-credit hour class gives an introduction to how international organizations, such as the United Nations, work. The class also teaches students the skills necessary for any job, including public speaking, research, writing, parliamentary procedure and even diplomacy. Ultimately, the class aims to prepare students for the selective winter semester, which is focused on getting ready for the National Model United Nations conference in New York City.

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